About Us

The electric car revolution is sweeping the world, but the electric vehicle charging infrastructure is yet to become as robust and broadly accessible as required by EV users. The future of transportation mandates that drivers have a right to use common, universal chargers in public spaces without being tied down by company-specific products or cumbersome membership plans.

This is a need that Nayax – the premier provider of cashless payment solutions to unattended, automated machines – recognized. And thus was born EV Meter, a daughter company of Nayax.

Our home is in Tel Aviv, Israel, but we are building on a legacy that reaches around the world. We have a single-minded focus of providing convenience to the drivers and operators of electric vehicles. And we are doing that by offering to replace the typically closed charging and closed payment EV charging systems with a universal level 2 EV charger,
powered by Nayax’s VPOS Touch that allows open payment options.

If you want to be a part of this unrestricted green revolution, contact us today!